Saturday, April 28, 2012

Glue & Watercolor Ocean Scenes - Grade 4

 A few weeks ago I was in for the same art teacher as I was this past week and I got to see this project started. I was happy to be able to see it finished last week. Most of the students were close to done, but about half the class was still finishing up the painting part.
The students started by drawing their ocean scenes using packets of sea life pictures for inspiration (no tracers!). Then they had to go over all the pencil lines with glue that had been mixed with black tempera. Honestly, this part was a huge hassle. The glue bottles kept getting clogged with the paint or the mix would be greyish instead of black. And if too much pressure was used trying to squeeze it out blobs occurred. There has to be a better way than using the glue bottle as applicators -- maybe those hair color applicators would work better.
Once the gluing was done and dry they started watercolor (that part was what I missed). Then they finished them last week. In this post are some of my favorites from the bunch. I just had to share them. Despite the initial frustration with the glue they look great.
 I don't know where the regular teacher got this idea. I've seen plenty of glue outline paintings online in blogs and such. I'm sure many have done something like this.

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