Saturday, April 28, 2012

Marker Fish - Grade 3

So again, I will say that the regular teacher must love ocean life! The third grade class was working on these rather large fish. They had used tracers to trace the fish onto 12 x 18 paper. Then they used those ocean life packets to add lots of details. Next they outlined it all in Sharpie. And finally they used brand new -- still very juicy -- Crayola markers to color them in. I have no idea what these will end up being used for. The example that was left was two-sided and cut out, but the instructions that I was given said not to do that, so not sure what the final project will look like. I kinda like the idea of having them be two-sided and maybe hung on fishing line so that they move with the air currents. They would be great as part of an all out coral reef installation in the school because they would look like they were swimming. Anyway, some of the color schemes and patterns look so awesome; I just had to share them!

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