Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mr. Seahorse: Grade 2 Painted Paper Collage

So, one of the lessons I was asked to teach last week while subbing in the art room was this painted paper collage inspired by Eric Carle's Mr. Seahorse. I think the regular teacher found the idea online (probably on Pinterest) because she gets lots of her ideas that way. She had yet to make a sample or start this project, so I only had our phone conversation to go by.

Anyway, to make this project I had the students trace a seahorse tracer onto 12 x 18 paper keeping the tracer close to the top of the page and leaving about 8" on the bottom. Then they painted a rainbow or sorts over the traced seahorse, purposely painting outside the edges. Next, they painted the bottom empty space with blue and green watercolor to create a mixed color effect. This was set aside to dry now. On a second sheet of paper (11 x 17) the students painted the wavy lines and splattered dots as well. The splatter was their favorite part. It does get a little messy though, which is why I have them do this with the paper on the floor in a designated part of the room.

When both papers dry (next week when they finish with the regular teacher), the students will 1.) cut out the seahorse/collage it to the background, 2.) cut out the little fridges from the parts where they went outside the lines and collage that on, and 3.) free-style cut out the seaweed shapes and collage those (stalks first then leaves).

Above is my completed example.

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