Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ant Picnic! A First Grade Illustration Lesson

For this lesson first graders were asked to think about picnics, specifically about pests that might be unwanted at picnics. A few guessed bears, a few guessed lions (wonder where they picnic...) and most immediately said ants!

Students were also asked to think about the ant point of view -- low to the ground! They loved this idea, especially when they learned how to make the picnic blanket look almost 3D by incorporating a little perspective. Not every student grasped this idea, but those that did really liked it.

Then we talked about ant anatomy. How many parts, legs, etc.? What are they called (head, thorax, abdomen)? We even did some math facts. 3 legs on one side plus 3 legs on the other equals 6! Plus 3 parts equals 9! We even tried some multiplication, which some could answer 3 legs times 2 equals 6!

With the ants drawn and all parts accounted for, the most fun part could begin. Students had to decide what food the pesky ant would steal from the picnic. The food was drawn being carried away on the ants' backs or sometimes in their mouths (which a few students added pincers to).

Here are some of the super cool ant drawings!
This ant is carrying a strawberry and heading towards the "rot beer". Check out those perspective lines on the blanket!
Believe it or not, that is an apple on its back. Love the detailing on the blanket!
Another apple thief! This is a "girl" ant because of the eyelashes. Some of the boys in class informed me that girl ants stay inside because they don't want to get dirty. Only the boy ants find the food. How funny is that?
This ant has passed over the healthy fruit and milk and opted for an ice cream sundae!
An example with pincers. I think that is a banana on the right.
There were a few patriotic ants (above and below). This one is a "forth" of July ant! Again some great perspective happening on the checkerboard blanket. And cool patterns on the ant itself!
This patriotic ant steals the food while the people are distracted by the fireworks display! And it has segmented antennae instead of just lines.

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