Thursday, September 27, 2012

Eek! My Quilled Paper Designs At Visionspace Gallery

So I am taking a break from substitute teaching, which means there may be fewer posts about art lessons in the coming months.

I needed a more reliable income. After looking for work all summer, I am now an office manager at a music school. I am still looking for a full time teaching gig, though. And in the meantime I am finding new doors opening up in terms of my own creative work.

One of those doors opened about a month ago when I was approached by a fellow alum from art school and asked if I'd be interested in showing my quilled designs at a local gallery that he is involved with.  I was a.) surprised since I hadn't thought many people would want to see them, b.) nervous because I wasn't sure what people would think about them, and c.) excited because I am eager to get some feedback.

And now, two of my quilled pieces that have previously appeared on this blog will be making their real world debut at Visionspace Gallery. Here is the postcard image for the opening -- which is October 5th!

And the two pieces being shown, in case you are wondering, are:

Rotational Motif # 4 Copyright Margaurita Spear, 2011

Rotational Motif #6 Copyright Margaurita Spear 2012

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