Friday, November 2, 2012

Secrets of Rusty Things: A Book Review with Potential

So I am not the best at not being a teacher. Even though I am not actively teaching art right now I can't stop myself from seeing potential art lesson inspiration everywhere!

I was visiting my local library  -- which as I've said before is one of my favorite places -- and I came across a book on the central display. One of the nice things about living someplace where the library is across the street from an art college is that the librarians frequently display books they think art students will like. The book Secrets of Rusty Things by Michael de Meng is one that certainly fits that description.

This book has beautiful full-page photographs of found object art. But the best part is that after each image the artist gives his inspiration for the piece as well as his technical approach to gathering and assembling the works. The personal anecdotes make the work so much more accessible. And the inspirations are mostly from world mythology and lore, which is the part that really made me think "how could this artist's work inspire an art lesson?"

Well, I don't have an art lesson to go with it yet. But I know I eventually will, and in the meantime I thought I'd share this artist with everyone else who may also be inspired by him!

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