Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Art Camp Sculpture Class at Glen Urquart School

This summer I jumped on board a new art program at the Glen Urquart School. I designed a four week sculpture program that (unfortunately) ran for only one week. But during that one week this July there was some great creative thinking happening.

The unfinished sample project.
 We focused primarily on paper mache as our main project/medium. The students made their supportive forms out of balloons, coffee caddies, newspaper, and masking tape. A warning on balloons: HIDE THE EXTRAS!

You can still make out the balloon form and coffee caddy at this stage.
Once the forms were built up with layers of paper mache (newspaper strips adhered with Elmer's Art Paste), the students added plaster strips for stability. Some pieces only needed a little bit of plaster strips, but others and those that were smaller could be covered entirely.

There were two possibilities for finishing. Students could use paint or collaged tissue paper.

Painted Orange Octopus
Original Troll Head
Tissue paper collage was used for this unique Imaginary Creature

Painted Dragon's Profile
 Paper mache and plaster take a while to dry in the humid summer air, so there were some smaller side projects as well. Students had free choice sculpture materials, such as model magic, beads, feathers, and wire.



 On the last day of the week/class we did some soap carving. I didn't get any pictures of the soap carvings though since a first attempt at carving doesn't really yield an identifiable sculpture. It does lend itself to some good, clean, fun though!

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