Tuesday, July 16, 2013

High School Printmaking Unit: Post Five -- Monoprints Method Four

The fourth and final method the students explored while making monoprints was the most challenging for them, mainly because it required them to use very little ink at all. In addition the ink, once rolled out over the entire surface of the plexi-glass, had to be left to dry for a few minutes before using it to pull a print.

As the ink dried to a tacky state the students worked out a few sketches of what they would like their images to be. These sketches would then be placed over a second clean sheet of paper which was placed gently over the ink. Using a sharp pencil or a wooden skewer students could trace over their drawn lines. They had to keep their hands from pressing on the paper as they traced, which presented a second challenge. If they allowed their hands to rest on the paper and press down the pressure would transfer the ink to the paper and potentially ruin their imagery.

The process is very similar to using carbon paper in transferring one image to another.

Here are a few of the more successful prints:

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