Friday, July 12, 2013

High School Printmaking Unit: Post Three -- Monoprints Method Two

The exploration of monoprint continued with the students as they took some tentative exploratory swipes at the ink. For the second method of making monoprints we kept the pattern and movement theme, but we went bigger (9 x 12 or so). To obtain neater edges I encouraged the students to mask the borders of their printing papers with tape, which could be easily removed once the prints were dry. This was helpful because I was working with various sizes of plexi as the printing plates and some of them were much larger than the papers.

As before the students applied the ink onto pieces of plexi-glass. I began offering more suggestions for how much to use, like comparing the amount of ink to the amount of toothpaste you might squeeze onto your toothbrush. Some students clearly use A LOT of toothpaste. But for most this analogy helped them avoid using too much ink. The ink was spread around with brayers the same as before, but now something new was introduced. Students were asked to manipulate the ink once it was rolled out. They could use stiff brushes (the ones that would normally be tossed in the trash), scraps of matt board, toothpicks, palette knives, q-tips dipped in water, tissues -- pretty much anything they could think to use was fair game.

Again we ended up with hundreds of prints, but here is a small selection:

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