Wednesday, July 10, 2013

High School Printmaking Unit: Post Two -- Monoprints Method One

The very first approach to printmaking that I introduced the students to was the monoprint. The monoprint, as it turns out, has many methods, based on how ink is applied and/or manipulated. To start them out slowly, we used very small 2" x 3" plexi-glass plates. The first method we used was just applying ink to the plexi, which allowed students to develop a sensitivity to how much ink was actually needed and how much would be too much (causing smudging, etc.). Although the finished prints are small, they are all very unique and very interesting. Most of the students tried to incorporate some type of pattern or visual movement (the only "how should it look" suggestions that I gave to them).

Here is just a sampling of the prints that were created (there were well over 100 prints pulled):

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