Wednesday, July 24, 2013

High School Printmaking Unit: Post Eleven -- Reductive Block Prints (Woodblock Variation)

A more advanced version of the reductive block print project replaces the soft-cut printing blocks with basswood or soft plywood. The carving and printing process remains the same, but the material of the block is more challenging. The wood grain influences the work in two major ways: 1.) It effects the direction students are able to carve - with the grain works best and produces clean lines, against the grain is more difficult and produces rough lines; 2.) The texture and patterns of the wood may also lend themselves to the final print.

I did not have the opportunity to have the students (even the more advanced ones) try out wood block carving, but I did make a sample:

Finished print.
After the first carving.

The first ink color.
Later in the process.
The last ink color.

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