Wednesday, July 24, 2013

High School Printmaking Unit: Post Twelve -- Stencil Prints

In an ideal situation I would have liked to introduce the students to silk-screen printing, but the room was not set up for using screens. Instead I included hand-cut stencils in the print unit. Students first drew their designs on paper, then transferred them to transparency film. The film, once cut made an ideal stencil material. It could be cleaned off and reused numerous times. This was a very experimental project that I introduced as an extra-credit assignment for students who needed a boost in their studio grade. I did not put any constraints on the project, so students made a mix of abstract and representational images; most used simple shapes.

For color, students used printing inks applied with either a brayer (for more flat coverage) or a bristle brush (for a stippled or tonal appearance).

Here are a few of the prints that were produced:

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