Monday, August 12, 2013

Fashion Design Workshop

During the month of August I have the pleasure of teaching a handful of short workshops at the Marblehead/Salem School of Music. What's art being taught at a music school you may ask. Well, I am also the office manager there, so the owners are letting me offer some workshops outside the music realm.

Today's workshop was Fashion Design. And the girls that signed up for it did a great job -- I'm sure they will all be on Project Runway in about ten years!

It was only a two-hour workshop, so the kids managed to make one or two designs each (adding color to at least one of them). I used colored pencils because they were on hand and affordable. Of course, depending on the group and the duration, the materials could get a lot more professional, even introducing computer design software.

I provided handouts referencing some fashion design books, provided inspirational imagery from saved boutique catalogs (like Anthropologie), and offered suggestions for ways to master the figure and drapery of fabric. My number one tip: Draw people all the time! Keep a sketchbook and draw them while you are waiting in a public place (like for an appointment). This is great practice and helps you better understand the human body so much more than using a mannequin or copying a template.

We used copy paper for first drafts and when the girls had a finished sketch that they really liked, I let them use the windows as light boxes to trace their drawings onto the "good" paper.

Here are some of the sketches and designs that were created:


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