Monday, August 26, 2013

Reading List: Classroom Management

I always struggle with defining "Classroom Management" because to me it is a combination of so many things. Things I say. Things I don't say. Do. Don't do. The way I set up the learning space. The routines I establish. The lessons I prepare. The respect I have for my students and expect in return. So many things...

So that is why I am reading a new "teaching" book. At the very least I am hoping it helps me better express my experience with classroom management. At the most I am hoping it can improve it; after all everything about teaching can always take a little improving. That is how we learn, grow, adapt, etc.

I'm only about seventy pages in so far, but it has been a nice and easy read. And it feels good to have someone else put into words what I have been trying so hard to explain concisely whenever I am asked about classroom management. Its nice to read that I am pretty much doing things the way the fictional Mrs. Allgood would.

The book is... Conscious Classroom Management by Rick Smith. Veteran teacher or newbie, I totally recommend giving it a read. Your local library may even have a copy.

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