Saturday, September 21, 2013

En-masse Painting Series: Bathed in Gelousy

Wow! The last time I worked on anything in this series was 2009! That's a very long time. In fact, this painting was started way back then. The under painting was completed then left to sit unloved and untouched until late last month. So, for that reason I'm not quite sure how to date this work. Should it be 2009? or 2013? or 2009 - 2013?

Anyway, this 8 x 8 gem is the fifth in the En-masse series. I don't think it will be the last. The subjects are some warmly hued bath gems that were a gift to me from a friend. I poured them out onto a soap dish and the composition was created. I have a true love of painting round shapes, which I'm sure becomes noticeable when looking at my body of work. Needless to say bath gems were a perfect fit for just that sort of thing. What I really love, however, is the semi-transparency and the way the colors reflect onto the white dish and are absorbed into neighboring bath gems.

To achieve this look in oils took many layers of fattened up color glazes. But that is exactly what I enjoy about oil painting -- using layers of color and tone to achieve greater depth. To me that makes for much warmer paintings than I could achieve in any other medium.

Bathed In Gelousy, 8 x 8 Oil on panel, August 2013, Copyright Margaurita Spear

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