Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Feles Requies" Painted for Open Call at the Witch Dr. in Salem, MA

"Feles Requies" 8x8 Oil on Panel, Sept. 2013 Copyright Margaurita Spear
Its October, so that seems like the perfect time for skulls and creepy things. This skull painting was created in response to a call for work at the Witch Dr. studio in Salem, MA. Salem, of course, becomes synonymous with Halloween this time of year and skulls may be the least creepy thing to be seen around the city.

This particular skull was technically painted in September so it could be on view throughout the entire month of October. (It is also for sale at the studio by the way). This is not a human skull, which you may have already figured out. It is a cat skull. It also has the distinction of being the first ever painting I have made of any type of skull. The closest I've come before was a charcoal rendering of a Georgia O'Keefe inspired skull in high school.

At first attempting this painting freaked me out. I am a cat mommy after all. And in depth observation of a cat skull inevitably made it nearly impossible not to envision my own cat's skull every time he looked at me. But now I rather like this painting, especially the reflections in the table surface. Maybe I'll paint a skull every year for Halloween (just work my way through the many animals).

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