Wednesday, November 20, 2013

O Canada! "Icarus and the Golden Flight" Sent North

There is a wonderful little collaborative art project in the works in Canada... Here is the direct quote from the call, as posted by the artist heading up the project:

"My birds are often imaginary birds of paradise with long tail feathers and in my vision I saw a beautiful, flowing tail feathers that would span across the room. In my video, I mention that I’d like to have 300 feathers, but secretly, I dream of 1000 feathers all created by artists and creative souls from around the world. My artistic journey has been fuelled by all the kindness and generosity of strangers on the internet and I want to find a way to bring us all together. Can you just imagine how amazing this will be! I simply must ask you to create a feather and send it to me so I can include it in this wonderful collaborative piece which will be at the heart of my exhibit. 
My vision is for this bird to be hosted by heart-centered businesses all over the country. Each business could host our bird for one month at the cost of 300$. Each 300$ donation feeds and educates one child in Haiti through the Eddy Pascal School. A tax deduction will be offered to each business thanks to the collaboration of the Non-Profit I’m collaborating with. Isn’t that amazing? Just thinking about how our bird will travel to raise awareness gives me goosebumps and when I think of the kids we’ll be helping, well… you can understand why I have to find a way to make this happen."

So, since I love to support fundraisers for education/children, I decided to contribute a few feathers of my own to this project:

"Icarus and the Golden Flight" mixed media on cardboard with ribbon. Copyright Margaurita Spear, Nov. 2013

They were mailed out to Canada this week. I'm hoping they arrive in time for the installation of the work. To learn more about this project, click on the image below:
Join our creative adventure

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  1. Hello dear Margaurita! I've received your beautiful feathers!!! Thank you so much for being part of this adventure! I've just posted your video on FB. ;-) YAY! Thanks again!