Monday, December 30, 2013

New Felted Friend: One Of A Kind Owl

Felted Friend: Owl, Copyright Margaurita Spear, Dec. 2013
This little felted fellow was created as a Christmas gift for a very dear friend of mine. A little birdie told me she has a fondness for owls, so I decided an owl themed gift was in order this year. She lives a few states away, so we exchange gifts in the mail and the handmade owl was one component.

You may remember the felted bunnies from last winter, which I made during the snowy blizzard season. This little owl was more complicated, especially because of his feet (which are wire wrapped in embroidery floss) and his teensy details (like his beak and ears). I also wanted him to not be too fluffy in some areas, but also fluffy in others making things a bit more challenging.

But this is a one time only owl because I want it to be special. So even if I make another owl it won't be quite like this one; just like my best friend this owl is unique and irreplaceable.

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