Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rotational Motif # 8

I've recently begun paper quilling again and upon looking back at some of my posted pieces I realized that there was one piece that I had never gotten around to posting because I had been waiting to post it with the announcing of its inclusion in a show. That show never happened and I just forgot about posting the image. But now here it is.

Rotational Motif # 8, Copyright Margaurita Spear, April 2012

This piece was a giant leap from my former pieces in the series because of a few key elements. For starters its foundation was on black paper (all others were on white). In fact there is no white paper used in this entire piece of work. There is still a sense of symmetry but it is less circular. The colors are bolder and patterns created are more linear (within the piece the black designs create vertical stripes and along the corners the stripe impression is repeated in pinkish coral and aqua).

The change in my approach was inspiring as well as challenging as I recall. And because of this the piece took much longer with frequent bouts of inactivity as I had to resolve design issues in my head before attempting them with the materials.

Overall I am quite satisfied with the outcome and find that the design reminds me a bit of Native American tribal art and bead work. This is an unintentional (although possibly subliminal) result.

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