Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just Sketchin' Around

As an art teacher my favorite way to keep kids busy and out of trouble is art making. This is true in and out of the art room.

Case in point, my current "job" is not as an art teacher. It is as an office manager at a music school where kids come for lessons everyday. Some days these kids can be a little rowdy, especially in the summer and especially when they come with friends because mom is babysitting. This was the case last week. Some very sweet and angelic on their own girls were getting a little antsy being inside on a warm summer day. Initially, I gave them all blank copy paper on clipboards and encouraged them to make some drawings of instruments. The girls had a better idea. They were going to draw each other. "Portraits! How wonderful!" I thought. Then suddenly they all decided to draw me.

Well, if they were drawing me then I was going to draw them. There was not much time, but I did manage a quick sketch of the youngest of the girls who sat near the window and very seriously worked on her own drawing. Here is that sketch:

"Lauren" Copyright Margaurita Spear, July 2014, Graphite on Copier Paper

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