Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! Pumpkin Sculpting!

So this year I did a little more than just carve a jack-o-lantern. I had a very over zealous plan to make a fully three dimensional bee hive with equally dimensional bees. I had to modify this plan due to time constraints (like having to go to work). So this project took me about 4 hours. I need sharper tools to make it go faster. The tools used were: clay carving loop tools, a scoop for the pumpkin innards, a vegetable peeler, a pumpkin carving serrated blade, and a standard kitchen knife.

Here are some of the steps:

First get a nice heavy large pumpkin. Find a shape that speaks to your creative vision.
Sketch out your already planned idea. It helps to use a source image that you've cut into a stencil shape.
Scrape away most of the rind (orange skin part) and begin carving out the details of the imagery. The clay loop tools were most useful, but would have worked even better if they were sharpened. Larger flat loops scrape away bigger areas and the smaller loops carve fine details.
***Cut the top off and scoop out the innards before the next step. ***

Finish carving out 3D shapes and go all the way through on some of the details in the bees. Then cover the still orange parts of the bees with black paint for added contrast.
Add a light to your pumpkin and relish in your creativity!

This pumpkin won first place in the most creative category.
Sculpting a pumpkin reminded me a lot of the way it feels to carve plaster. The texture is similar to when plaster is not fully set and the rind hardens up the more it is exposed to air, just like plaster.

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