Tuesday, March 17, 2015

February Vacation Week Art Making

Over February vacation week, about a month ago ( I know shame on me for not posting sooner) I taught a selection of art lessons to fifth grade students. These students were attending math camp all morning and spent the afternoon in enrichment classes, like mine.

Here is just some of the art making fun we had...

We made ribbon bound books on the first day. These are artist trading card size when they are closed up accordion style. Normally we would have added something to the pages, but for this class the kids got to bring them home right away.

On the second day we made faces inspired by the graphic images of Alexander Calder. There was a Calder exhibit last summer at the local museum and I was so thrilled to hear how many students remembered attending it!

On the third day we made initial collages with fabric. For many students this project lasted into the fourth day so they could finish it up. In a regular classroom setting we would have worked much larger and outlined the letters with black paint so they would stand out more. But we did not have the time or space for that.

And on the fourth and final day I set up "art centers". One was for those students who needed to finish the initial project from the day before. Another was an art game called "Exquisite Corpse". And the third was one that required a little demo on how to make 3D lettering (as seen in these student examples).

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